Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meal Plans!

Okay... so this will normally be on Mondays but since I have the list for this current week, I figure that I would put it up even if it's late! Since I work outside the house and we don't have kids I'm planning dinners only. Dave usually has a healthy smootie for lunch while I have leftovers or cereal and we both have yogurt or cereal for breakfast.

Monday: Baked Whole Wheat Ziti (used a little too much ricotta... oops!)
Tuesday: Teriyaki Chicken Strips and steamed baby carrots- Daves FAVORITE entree
Wednesday: Nachos/Tacos made with ground turkey meat- Was VERY good
Thursday: Orange Chicken with wild rice and coconut cornbread
Friday: Leftovers and pizza at church b/c we have a youth hang out

Next week will be fun because I will get to plan another 2 weeks of meals and look for some more new recipies! Let me know if you have any healthy and easy recipes!!!


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