Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well a few things...

I know this might sound bad, but I am ECSTATIC today because our Governor got arrested on corruption charges...FINALLY!!! He is a jerk, a creep, and an all around bad guy for Illinois. God puts our leaders into place for a reason, and I know that but I am SO glad that God is now taking him OUT of leadership for us. The state will be better for it! Although I say I am happy about it, it's really quite sad and pathetic that our country has come to this.

We took Boaz for a walk/run last night and had such a good time. Dave and I both need excersie and so does our poor little dog, so we bought him a couple sweaters and even a coat and we are going to be taking him with us on our walks. Last night he went an entire MILE which is the longest he has gone- and he ran MOST of it too! He was so tired last night when we got home that he just pooped out and rested the entire evening... it was kinda nice! :)

Lauryn's wedding is only 25 days away!!! We finalized our hair appointments today and I should be taking my dress to be altered soon to get that done. This weekend I'm spending my Saturday making favors, christmas gifts, and getting a Mary Kay makeover since I won $50 in make-up at a wedding show here in Salem! (Good thing b/c I needed new make-up BADLY)

Dave and I had a great weekend together. Friday night we had a game night at church with the youth- we did a Christmas "around town" scavenger hunt and it was SOOOO much fun! We also decorated Christmas cookies and played a few other games that had a Christmas theme.

Then Saturday we got to actually sleep in before we headed out for Fairview Heights. We went to PetSmart and got some fun toys for Boaz since he has DESTROYED his other toys we bought him! (That place is so much fun by the way...) After that we headed to St. Louis for dinner at Maggiano's. OH MAN it was so good! Calamari and Spinach Chicken Manicotti... FANTASTIC! Plus we split a chocolate and candy cane ice cream dessert... MMMMM. We finished the night looking at Christmas lights and then headed home.

Sunday was church, a party with friends in Orchardville where we had a White Elephant and had some pretty funny gifts exchanged! That night we headed to my parents after church and decorated their Christmas tree. The sad part is that this is probably the last year we will ALL get to do this together. With Lauryn getting married and living in Edwardsville, and Dave and I thinking of starting our own traditions as a family it's a little sad. I mean we will all still be together during the holidays, but it won't be the same when we all have our own families and stuff. I guess we'll just all start NEW traditions with each other! :)

What type of traditions do you all have with your families? Are there any traditions you no longer do that you miss or are glad that are gone? ;)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Resolve!

I had a breakdown last night and into this morning... I've decided that I am DONE with several things:
1. My apartment being dirty all the time (unless people are coming over)
2. Dishes NEVER being done
4. Not excercising

Starting today I go back to my 'wedding diet' which I lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks right before my wedding. Hopefully I can do this again because my sister's wedding is only a month away and I need time to get the dress altered!

Meal Plans include: 1 piece of bread per day, NO condiments (mayo, BBQ, ketchup, etc), no meat other than turkey and chicken, no chips, NOTHING FRIED, only water to drink with meals, 1 cup of coffee a day with no flavored creamer, no dairy products, and only ONE SMALL sweet snack a day.

I'm also going to start walking everyday again. This really helps with not only the weight loss, but my energy level, helping me feel better about myself, and since I'll be taking Boaz- hopefully he will get some good energy out and sleep through the night again! (We've been having a problem with him sleeping all night lately!)

I have 32 days until Lauryn's wedding, and I hope to be at least CLOSE to the size I was at for MY wedding. That way I won't have to go out and buy some new clothing for winter OR for the wedding events. Over the next few weeks I'll try to let you in on how I'm doing with it all and maybe at some point post some pictures... depending on how I feel! :)