Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's the little things...

I am so excited about today! Yes I know it's only Tuesday but I'm still excited. Nothing huge is happening- just lots of little things.

1. I'm working today. Of course I work EVERY Tuesday (and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!) but I'm realizing more and more that my job is SUCH a blessing! My paycheck is consistent, I have no fear of being laid off or let go, my boss feels like family, AND I work with my Mom which I LOVE!

2. I'm leaving work early today :) No this doesn't contradict my first statement- I'm heading to the dentist- again this sounds strange... Today I get my LAST SET of Invisalign braces!!!! That means 6 more weeks of wearing them and then I get my permanent retainers. WOOP WOOP!

3. Since I'm heading to the Fairview Heights area I'm doing a little shopping. No clothes or anything like that- I'm on a bargain hunt for groceries! There is a little grocery store called "Tom's" that has Kraft Ranch Dressing for 49c!!! We use quite a bit of it so I am excited!!! Then I get to go to Walgreen's for some cheap Oxiclean (in honor of Billy Mayes) and then to Schnucks for some great deals! Kraft Cheeses are only $1.77 a bag- AND you can freeze them!

It's the little things in life that make me happy and I'm glad. Hopefully I'll be able to even dig through the Dollar Bin at Target too... just don't tell Dave!!! :) May the little things bring you happiness today!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gentle Reminders...

God reminded me today that my life is not about me...

My aunt has Fibromyalgia, which I could never understand cause she always seemed so 'normal.' My grandma has a constant burnished taste in her mouth and a bad smell in her nose where she can't taste ANYTHING, but rarely complains about it. My father is dealing with cancer of the blood but didn't get sick throughout chemo and I have taken that for granted- just assuming he's okay all the time. My mother in her lifetime has lost a husband, her only son, two sets of in-laws, a brother to suicide, a brother-in-law to heart attack, and is now dealing with Dad's cancer-yet she isn't depressed and doesn't have the 'woe is me' syndrome.


I complain when I get a headache! NEVER have I been able to understand how people deal with things like that, and I am one of those that tends to forget what people are going through. Then i either take for granted their strength, or condemn them for acting a certain way. SHAME ON ME! I am so selfish it makes me sick. God used a new 'blog friend' of mine to remind me of this and to show me just how my selfishness can effect others. Thank you for a reminder to stop looking at myself and how things effect me. I need to take more time to empathize with others and leave Jenna out of things.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What in the WORLD?

I'm sitting here finishing my large Wendy's chili with 5 packs of crackers my boss bought me for lunch and searching the internet/blog world for quick and somewhat healthy recipes. Why? you ask... Because work is DEAD! This week is so strange. Mom is gone at camp all week so it's me and the boss-man holding down the 'fort.' Monday morning, boss-man was at a meeting in St. Louis until 2 and I was here all alone. I was SLAMMED! Claims, questions, a STACK of payments I couldn't even touch until 2:30, and so many calls I can't even tell you- if I still drank alcohol this would have been a Cosmo and White Russian night people! Crazy crazy crazy!

So this is what I look forward to all week right- 5 days of crazy nutzos and jerks... NOPE. Yesterday was a fairly average day for us lately. Mom still gone of course and Rich physically here most of the day yet non-existant mentally. Not a huge amount of stuff going on so I caught up on both mine and Mom's work from Monday. Wish I would have known then that today was going to be so slow. Seriously I've had my work done since about 11:00 and I'm here until 4:00 (usually 5 but the boss had to have lunch with his Mom and then run some errands.)

Waiting for 5:00 can be so frustrating! I try to stay busy with work stuff like cleaning, filing papers, cleaning out files, etc but I've done all that last week so there isn't much to be done. So I'm spending the rest of my day finding new blogs and new recipes! :) The silver lining to my day!

I found a GREAT blog that I want to share with you... Frugal Antics of a Harried Housewife She makes homemade breads, candies, and even BAGELS! I can't wait to try that recipe for myself!!!! There are TONS of recipes on her site and they all look fantastic. So happy reading all!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Crazy Life

Life is currently full of work, weddings, and BASEBALL in the Hilgers Home. Over the weekend we had a Customer Appreciation Day at work and it was crazy! I've been working pretty hard on it for a few months and I have to say that I am quite glad it's all over. Mom ended up being sick that day and couldn't even make it, which made it a little harder to get everything done. She and I are the only ones in the office other than our boss, and let's be honest- the boss does nothing! ;) He knows we say that by the way!!! Let me just say though that I am BLESSED!!!! My Dad showed up and helped ALL day, Dave came and was a big help even though he had a friend in town. The boss and his girlfriend showed up and actually were a big help too. All in all it was a good day- VERY hot but good.

Mike (Dave's friend) was in town and we had a great time with him. I got to try out some great recipes on him too... Apple Cinnamon Bread, Sausage Breakfast Casserole, and MY favorite new one- Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread! YUM! He and Dave had a great time, and his Mom even sent us an outdoor canopy which I am excited about cause I have been wanting one pretty badly!

We have a wedding the next 3 weekends. My cousin's is this Saturday, next Saturday is our good friend's sister, and the week after is my younger sister's friend. Brittany's this weekend is going to be a difficult one for our family. Her Dad passed away a few years ago and she told my Mom last night that is was just hitting her that he wouldn't be there to walk her down the aisle. She is also having a slideshow right before she walks down of just her and her dad... that's going to be pretty hard for the whole family. Please pray for us this weekend if you think of it.

On a happier note... Baseball is SO MUCH FUN!!!! We had a doubleheader last night and it was brutally hot and humid. Dave called and had me bring a cooler of water for the guys and I'm so glad I did cause they were exhausted after just a few minutes of playing! I had a great opportunity to sit and talk with some of the parents more and it was wonderful. Terry is such a sweetheart and she brings her new puppy Jacey to all the games so we have a perfect outlet to talk and get to know each other. Dogs are great for breaking the ice!

The boys are doing REALLY well in the games. We have only been able to have 7 games so far, but we've only lost 2! Last night we lost the 1st game and won the 2nd so we ended on a good note. Dave is having so much fun getting to know these guys and spending time with them. Apparently I'm even quite popular with them too which is hilarious! One of the kids keeps telling the rest of the team that he and I are seeing each other behind Coach's back, and last night another kept calling me his girlfriend. Of course I jokingly play along because it's funny to see their reactions and Dave thinks it's pretty funny too. I think it's just their way of 'accepting me' into their lives, or a least I HOPE that's what it is!!!!

Well work is slow today, but I guess I need to get back to it anyway. Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A New Favorite!

I found a new favorite blog today- Culinary Adventures of a New Wife

She has pictures, recipes, and all sorts of good things! Some of her recipes are beyond my preferences, but her desserts look fantastic, and lets be honest- that's all I really care about! I'm a BAKER not a cook. My 'staples' include flour and sugar not salt and saphron. Yes I know I should expand my horizons, but why change something when it works?!

Be sure to check out my new favorite and let me know what you think... (she has a great spin on the cupcake bites I love so much!)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Food, Fun, and Foliage

So I know my title to this post is a little strange but I couldn't think of another "f" that I wanted to use. I thought about "fupdates" but that may come across a little crass! Although it's not exactly a word, it almost sounds like a bad one!

I know I promised pictures of my finished landscaping, but there is a good reason I haven't posted them yet... IT ISN'T DONE!!! We worked SO hard that day from 6:45am-4:00pm but alas we had more to do than we imagined! The left side of the house is 1 step away from being done but the right side has given us a landscaping MIGRAINE! We hauled so much rock away from that side that I think we could have repaved our entire driveway as a cobblestone. Plus there were roots galore- We might have some tree roots growing under our house which is yet another fun thing! Then this Sunday I thought I would work on the right a little more... WRONG! There is about 3 inches of SAND under where all that rock was. Yep, sand enough for a sand box people. Ridiculous isn't it?

So now we have to figure out where we can dump all this sand so we can fill in the right side with top soil and plant all our poor plants that are just sitting in my garage. Thursday could be my work day/night but I'm not counting on it. After I finally get the rest of the plants in, we then have to spray paint the bricks my Dad gave us and put those in as our retaining wall. It's a long road but hopefully it will be coming to an end soon!

Off to another topic- over the weekend Dave and Adam were supposed to have their first baseball game of the summer. It did NOT end up happening because of the MONSOON season we seem to be in at the moment! Since the guys didn't have baseball, Tanya and I decided that we didn't want our whole Saturday to be a waste so made some quick clicks on the internet, made a phone call to St. Louis, put info into the Garmin, and BAM we were off! The guys kept trying to guess where we were going the entire 1 1/2 hour drive but we didn't give away our secret.

Finally we pulled up in front of a hole in the wall... Pointers Pizza. Let me just say it was AMAZING! They have been on the Food Network and the Travel Channel several times and we know understand for ourselves why. As you can see by the picture, this is NOT your normal pizza. It is 28" in diameter and is basically the size of 4 large pizzas! The Pointersaurus has a challenge (which we did not attempt) where if 2 people can finish all 28" covered in cheese and either 2 meat or 4 veggie toppings in an hour- they will receive $500! Since 2001 there have only been 16 teams that have acheived this, and one of the teams is from Salem. They also happen to be friends of my sister! All in all it was a fun day making memories with some wonderful friends. We (Adam, Tanya, their 2 kids, and Dave and I) ate almost half the pizza and took the rest home. Needless to say I think both families had pizza leftovers for dinner on Sunday!