Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Year Anniversary!!!

Monday night Dave and I had a great time. Actually it started Monday morning when I woke up and had a box of Dove Chocolates in my purse. They are actually Bananas Foster flavor and are TERRIFFIC!

Throughout the day it was just a normal Monday at work. Went home for lunch and Dave asked if I would want to look at getting a new car!!! We have talked about this for a LONG time and have been able to save almost HALF of the price for the car. After sharing ONE car for THREE years, I am so ready to have a 2nd. Over the past few days we have looked around, and our wonderful sales guy Ben has found our PERFECT car. It's a NEW 2008 Chevy Malibu LT1 Dark Gray Metallic with Titanium interior. The package we are getting has 6 way power driver's seat, keyless entry (I know most cars have this, but I have NEVER had this!!!!), REMOTE START, XM Radio, AND On Star free for a year!!!! We get to pick it up tomorrow! WAHOO!!!

Well back to our actual Anniversary! Since we live in such a small town now there aren't a lot of options for a nice dinner out, so I went on the internet and searched Effingham which is about 45 minutes away. Found a few places and got a recommendation from another SF Agent's office staff. I could KISS her right now because the place was AMAZING!

We went to the Firefly Grill in Effingham. It sits on a lake and has such a nice atmosphere. Dave and I got to sit in the back which was semi-secluded from the rest of the diners. The food was great, and the menu was eclectic and reminded us of Seattle, which is where we Honeymooned! The night was great, we just sat and talked about life and plans for the next year together and really enjoyed ourselves. Normally we are so busy, or the restaurant is so busy that we rush through dinner. That night we sat and just took in everything. The food was so great we ended up getting TWO appetizers in addition to our meals! For dessert we got an assortment of homemade Sorbet, which I am a SUCKER for anytime it's on a menu. ;)

The server was so great and even put "Happy 1st Anniversary" on our plate in chocolate. I took a few pictures to remember everything and I'll try to post them later. After our 2 1/5 hr dinner (told you we took our time!) we headed home and ate the top to our wedding cake.

Let me tell you... it was GOOD! It was still just as moist and fresh as the day we had it a year ago. My Mom did an amazing job wrapping it up, and I know that has something to do with it, so I am very grateful. We fed each other cake, read our cards, and had fund taking some pictures of each other.

Our first year together as a married couple has been wonderful, and I could never have dreamed of a better husband for myself. Dave is truly the love of my life and I am so grateful for who he is, and all he does for me. As the head of our household, I am thankful that he looks after and cares for me not just physically but also Spiritually and emotionally. God has truly given me everything I could want right now, and I feel IMMENSELY blessed to have Dave in my life.

I'm so looking forward to what is in store for our NEXT year of marriage! Only God knows what I will be writing about on here next year!!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a superb night!! so glad it was great for the both of you. it's great to be with the one you're meant to be with!!