Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Resolve!

I had a breakdown last night and into this morning... I've decided that I am DONE with several things:
1. My apartment being dirty all the time (unless people are coming over)
2. Dishes NEVER being done
4. Not excercising

Starting today I go back to my 'wedding diet' which I lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks right before my wedding. Hopefully I can do this again because my sister's wedding is only a month away and I need time to get the dress altered!

Meal Plans include: 1 piece of bread per day, NO condiments (mayo, BBQ, ketchup, etc), no meat other than turkey and chicken, no chips, NOTHING FRIED, only water to drink with meals, 1 cup of coffee a day with no flavored creamer, no dairy products, and only ONE SMALL sweet snack a day.

I'm also going to start walking everyday again. This really helps with not only the weight loss, but my energy level, helping me feel better about myself, and since I'll be taking Boaz- hopefully he will get some good energy out and sleep through the night again! (We've been having a problem with him sleeping all night lately!)

I have 32 days until Lauryn's wedding, and I hope to be at least CLOSE to the size I was at for MY wedding. That way I won't have to go out and buy some new clothing for winter OR for the wedding events. Over the next few weeks I'll try to let you in on how I'm doing with it all and maybe at some point post some pictures... depending on how I feel! :)


nshek said...

be careful with dieting. you may lose weight but unless you plan on only eating bread and turkey/chicken for the rest of your life, it won't stay off. losing weight is a lifestyle change. eating enough food throughout the day (6 small meals) and exercising. also...i do not know how people have a neat and tidy house ALL the time. i just don't know...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenna, I just wanted to encourage you towards your goals! I can sympathize with you about the clean house and dishes, with a busy schedule it really takes some mighty motivation to pick up as you go. But I know you can do it! Having someone, like your bf or husband, to keep you accountable with your diet and exercise will help keep you on track! I am excited to see your progress!! :)
- Erin

Jenna said...

Thanks girls! This is definitely NOT a 'diet' but a kickoff to the NEW ME! My Dad has been on a diet similar (but more strict) regime for 2 years now and is at an amazingly healthy weight of 180. He hasn't been that weight since he was in high school!

I'm excited to start this new chapter of my life because I really want to be HEALTHY more than I want to be skinny. Thanks again for the encouragement!

Tami Jo said...

You so can do it!!!!


Toots said...

Thank you so much for your comforting words about Curt's dad. We so appreciate the prayers of our friends. I am hurrying tonight, but tomorrow sometime I look forward to reading your blog. I didn't know you had one!