Saturday, November 21, 2009

Want free stuff???

How would you like to win a COACH PURSE???? Seriously not kidding at ALL- just go to the AMAZING Recessionista site and enter THIS giveaway here. Quickly, no go now and then come back cause I have something just as awesome to tell you.

Ok thanks for coming back.

How would you like to win something like this???

These ladies are AWESOME for doing these giveaways, so make sure to thank them!!!!


Amber said...

Thanks for passing it on.
You seem to follow a lot of crafty blogs, have you seen any cute homemade ornaments?
My family makes ornaments every year for Thanksgiving, as a tradition and I haven't come up with one yet... just wondering if you had any good ideas.
Thanks for any help you can give me!

Amber said...

I forgot to click the "e-mail me button" sorry :)

Jenna said...

Oh man! Sorry i'm just getting back to you. I couldn't think of much that would be easily prepared (since it's 3 days to thanksgiving!) and my AMAZINGLY crafty friend said that she has gotten those clear glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby/Michaels and filled them with ribbon curls. She also said printing out pictures of the fam or something on regular paper then rolling them up and putting them inside and letting them unroll inside with the picture showing out as the design. I thought that was really neat!

Sorry it's not much help, but hopefully you can get something cute. I'm SURE you will though! :)

Jenna said...

Amber- found this site today.
30 ornaments in 30 days!!!

Lyr said...