Monday, January 26, 2009

Update on the house

Dave and I were some of the 'crazies' on the roads tonight! We had to go to Mt. Vernon to do some house stuff and it was SOOOOO bad on the way home. It took us 45 minutes when it normally takes 20 to get home. God took care of us though and I am happy to be home safe and sound!

I have to just give a little recommendation and 'shout out' of awesomeness to Lowe's. They are AMAZING!!!! From the beginning they have been so helpful and knowledgeable about everything. Our kitchen designer not only helped us with that, but tonight after we finalized the last few decisions, he walked us around the whole store and helped us find the right faucet, door handles/pulls, then even went with us to pick out lighting for the entire house, french doors, bathroom stuff, flooring, and even siding! Of course he wasn't an expert on it all, but he helped us find the right people and just gave us ideas knowing the flow we wanted to go with and the style we had picked out. We DEFINITELY recommend using Lowe's for home renovation and projects!

There is so much still needing to be done on the house, but we are so excited that God has blessed us with all the resources and people we have in our life right now! I can't wait until it's just done and we are living there AND I can't wait until I can put up the 'Before and After' pictures!!! :) Love you all!


Tami Jo said...

I am just so excited for you guys. What are you doing the 6th or possibley the 7th of Feb?

nshek said...

yeah!!!! so much fun to be doing all that! how exciting! i can't wait for the pictures either!!

Tami Jo said...

It's the one week mark ;)