Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Health News!

I get e-mails from Dr. Mercola all the time and he recently wrote an article about Vitamin Water. Please follow this link and read about it... for something that is SUPPOSED to be a healthy alternative this is just CRAZY!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jenna- this is Rob Regal from Family Friendly WIBI. I didn't know you were so into health. If you hadn't heard, I've gotten much healthier since early 2006. I may be launching my own interactive site (w/ videos & blogs & such). If I do, I'd love to have other people get involved.

The idea would be for people to come together to share what they do & what they know WITHOUT trying to sell anything. Just pure ministry.

If that sounds good to you, please let me know (rob@wibi.org).

Don't have details yet, but will keep you posted!