Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've not been abducted- just distracted!

Yep it's been FOREVER since I did anything here. As you can tell I'm not really that great at follow through. SO I'm not promising anything about this blog. I have it, I like it, but since my work computer has issues sometimes with me posting here it's quite hard to keep up with. Again, not so great with follow through so I'll do what I can about keeping this updated.

Remember for the most up to date things on coupons, samples, etc. make sure to visit some of the sites on my sidebar. They also highlight things that I don't because either I don't use the products, or because they have stores around them that I do not.

Just for some fun, here is a picture of our new addition Leah. She is now currently shaved down for the summer so this is her 'fluffy' picture! :)

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