Friday, February 20, 2009

I need my Tami Jo!!! :)

So it's been 17 days since I posted and I was supposed to be posting once a week- I blame this on my accountability partner being in Florida and unable to 'yell' at me on-line. Kidding Tams!

Anyway we have just been insanely busy getting the house ready... we move NEXT WEEK!!! The house is going so well but it's gonna be a close one! Can't wait to get some pictures up!!! Talk to you all as soon as possible and honestly I probably won't be posting for a while because of the house. LATER!!!



Tami Jo said...

How is the unpacking coming along?

Tami Jo said...

Well I am pretty sure that you are moved in by what is the excuse now? ;)

Jenna said...

I know... I'm terrible!