Friday, May 22, 2009


Since tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day and I actually have some free time on a Saturday, I am hoping to actually work in the lawn tomorrow! The only problem is that I need some ideas!!!

We need some taller stuff to go in front of our gas meter, but nothing with thorns cause I don't want the gas meter reader guy to get mad at us! :) We also need whatever we put there to have a shallow root system cause our sewer line is right there. There were some beautiful rhododendrons there but we had to dig them out cause they got into the sewer lines and backed up our system. NOT fun.

Anyway here are some pictures I took this morning... PLEASE give me some ideas!!!!


Erica said...

ok i'm not big on landscaping but i did have an idea when i saw your gas thing. i don't know what the rules are but could you build a box around it, with a little door or something to open so the meter reader could get to it? or is that illegal? LOL

have you seen those trees that have habiscus flowers on them? those would look so pretty on either side of your door!

Jenna said...

The box thing is a good idea... unfortunately neither of us is very handy!

Hibiscus is actually a GREAT idea! I've thougth about hydrangea too cause they thrive in our area pretty well. Thanks for the ideas!!!

Erica said...

i'm glad you can spell hibiscus better then me... as in the correct way hahaha

Jenna said...

Ha! I didn't even notice it!

I ended up getting some stuff tonight. Got 4 boxwood bushes (2 for each side) and 2 white hydrangea bushes (one for each side) then a bunch of annuals as filler until next year when we can shell out some more money and put more in! I'll put up some pictures once I'm done tomorrow. THANKS again!!!