Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Food, Fun, and Foliage

So I know my title to this post is a little strange but I couldn't think of another "f" that I wanted to use. I thought about "fupdates" but that may come across a little crass! Although it's not exactly a word, it almost sounds like a bad one!

I know I promised pictures of my finished landscaping, but there is a good reason I haven't posted them yet... IT ISN'T DONE!!! We worked SO hard that day from 6:45am-4:00pm but alas we had more to do than we imagined! The left side of the house is 1 step away from being done but the right side has given us a landscaping MIGRAINE! We hauled so much rock away from that side that I think we could have repaved our entire driveway as a cobblestone. Plus there were roots galore- We might have some tree roots growing under our house which is yet another fun thing! Then this Sunday I thought I would work on the right a little more... WRONG! There is about 3 inches of SAND under where all that rock was. Yep, sand enough for a sand box people. Ridiculous isn't it?

So now we have to figure out where we can dump all this sand so we can fill in the right side with top soil and plant all our poor plants that are just sitting in my garage. Thursday could be my work day/night but I'm not counting on it. After I finally get the rest of the plants in, we then have to spray paint the bricks my Dad gave us and put those in as our retaining wall. It's a long road but hopefully it will be coming to an end soon!

Off to another topic- over the weekend Dave and Adam were supposed to have their first baseball game of the summer. It did NOT end up happening because of the MONSOON season we seem to be in at the moment! Since the guys didn't have baseball, Tanya and I decided that we didn't want our whole Saturday to be a waste so made some quick clicks on the internet, made a phone call to St. Louis, put info into the Garmin, and BAM we were off! The guys kept trying to guess where we were going the entire 1 1/2 hour drive but we didn't give away our secret.

Finally we pulled up in front of a hole in the wall... Pointers Pizza. Let me just say it was AMAZING! They have been on the Food Network and the Travel Channel several times and we know understand for ourselves why. As you can see by the picture, this is NOT your normal pizza. It is 28" in diameter and is basically the size of 4 large pizzas! The Pointersaurus has a challenge (which we did not attempt) where if 2 people can finish all 28" covered in cheese and either 2 meat or 4 veggie toppings in an hour- they will receive $500! Since 2001 there have only been 16 teams that have acheived this, and one of the teams is from Salem. They also happen to be friends of my sister! All in all it was a fun day making memories with some wonderful friends. We (Adam, Tanya, their 2 kids, and Dave and I) ate almost half the pizza and took the rest home. Needless to say I think both families had pizza leftovers for dinner on Sunday!


Tami Jo said...

Sorry to hear about your landscaping nighmare. That is a lot of sand. Maybe you should just build a sandbox and then dump into there (eventually you are going to be needing one anyways).

How much fun is that!!!! I have always wanted to just drive, get lost, find new places, and then have the TomTom get us back home.

Jenna said...

I thought of the sandbox actually! It was more of a joke of course, but I did contemplate just moving it to the back yard!

You know you could always just start driving south and let the tom tom lead you to 111 Fielder Dr ANY time! :) Love you!