Thursday, June 11, 2009

A New Favorite!

I found a new favorite blog today- Culinary Adventures of a New Wife

She has pictures, recipes, and all sorts of good things! Some of her recipes are beyond my preferences, but her desserts look fantastic, and lets be honest- that's all I really care about! I'm a BAKER not a cook. My 'staples' include flour and sugar not salt and saphron. Yes I know I should expand my horizons, but why change something when it works?!

Be sure to check out my new favorite and let me know what you think... (she has a great spin on the cupcake bites I love so much!)


Erica said...

i'm about to check that site out. i'm the same way- i'd rather bake then good (although i do love to cook too!)

Lyryn said...

Cute blog! I just stumbled upon yours and now I have found two new blogs to read. :)