Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What in the WORLD?

I'm sitting here finishing my large Wendy's chili with 5 packs of crackers my boss bought me for lunch and searching the internet/blog world for quick and somewhat healthy recipes. Why? you ask... Because work is DEAD! This week is so strange. Mom is gone at camp all week so it's me and the boss-man holding down the 'fort.' Monday morning, boss-man was at a meeting in St. Louis until 2 and I was here all alone. I was SLAMMED! Claims, questions, a STACK of payments I couldn't even touch until 2:30, and so many calls I can't even tell you- if I still drank alcohol this would have been a Cosmo and White Russian night people! Crazy crazy crazy!

So this is what I look forward to all week right- 5 days of crazy nutzos and jerks... NOPE. Yesterday was a fairly average day for us lately. Mom still gone of course and Rich physically here most of the day yet non-existant mentally. Not a huge amount of stuff going on so I caught up on both mine and Mom's work from Monday. Wish I would have known then that today was going to be so slow. Seriously I've had my work done since about 11:00 and I'm here until 4:00 (usually 5 but the boss had to have lunch with his Mom and then run some errands.)

Waiting for 5:00 can be so frustrating! I try to stay busy with work stuff like cleaning, filing papers, cleaning out files, etc but I've done all that last week so there isn't much to be done. So I'm spending the rest of my day finding new blogs and new recipes! :) The silver lining to my day!

I found a GREAT blog that I want to share with you... Frugal Antics of a Harried Housewife She makes homemade breads, candies, and even BAGELS! I can't wait to try that recipe for myself!!!! There are TONS of recipes on her site and they all look fantastic. So happy reading all!

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Lyryn said...

I use to hate waiting till 5... well for me it was 5:30 especially in the summer when it's SO SLOW. Now I get to live at 2 because I had a baby! Some times it hard to even wait till then! Finding new blogs is fun!