Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I just deleted an entire post I had started. It was loooooong, and I deleted it on purpose. All I was doing was hosting an on-line pity party. Then I was convicted. God always ruins my pity parties! ;)

There is a LOT of stuff I could complain about right now... A LOT- but why? Why give satisfaction to my flesh? Why give into my temptations of cynicism? WHY?! So I listened to the Holy Spirit that told me to delete that post- and I have to say I am quite glad I did. My whole attitude has changed by that one act. I can already tell that God is MUCH more pleased with my obedience rather than my pity party.

God is doing some things at the moment that I am excited about. I can't talk about them because He won't let me- but His will is going to be accomplished and I can't wait! Although I am absolutely TERRIFIED for His will to be done because I don't know exactly what it means for Dave and I and our future, I am excited. We just keep praying together that He would put us in the center of His heart and let everything else fall into place around us. Whether it be our finances, relationship, future, jobs, church, ministry, or other things we just want to be where He wants us, doing what He wants. Like I said- it's terrifying because we think there are going to be some big changes coming (like Dave going back to school) but we are excited. There is a sense of coming change and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

I pray that if any of my friends that read this blog are dealing with frustrations, heart ache, confusion, or even cynicism (like me) that you turn it over to God and let HIM be your advocate. Let HIM fight your battle, let HIM heal your heart, let HIM make the changes and the choices- you will be so much happier for it.


Amber said...

I really needed to hear that right now - thank you.

Tami Jo said...

Wow...God is so good - what more can I say?!

Jenna said...

I'm so glad God used this to speak to each of you. He's teaching me some rough stuff right now, so I'm happy it speaks to others as well. Love you both!

Erica said...

"jenna... this is God... one of your big changes is to move by dathan and erica in alabama"

haha jk i'll say a prayer for you guys! i understand the going back to school thing! dathan started the spring semester and i started this summer one! it's been a lot of work but i'm so glad we're doing it!!!

Lyryn said...

Thanks for the comment, dear! I guess… we are all now just waiting on Him! :)