Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life is never what we expect!

Had quite an interesting weekend and beginning of this week...

Friday I left work a few minutes early to make sure and get to the ball field early for our game. We ended up winning which means we advance to the finals! (FYI...it's all local so it's not State or anything too huge) That night Tanya and I decided we wanted a girls night so we left her son with his dad and Dave and we headed out to Chili's after the game. It was nice to chat without distractions! Then we went to see The Proposal- definitely a girl movie! The movie was cute, but maybe a little crass- both actors have a nude scene where you don't see their FULL 'personal areas' but they definitely filmed without clothing. It showed a little more than I thought it would for Sandra Bullock. Oh well! Anyway it was SUCH a fun night getting to spend time with a good friend.

Saturday morning I got up and started cleaning the house when I got a text from Tanya that she had pancakes and bacon coming out off the griddle if we wanted to come by. It was the quickest I have EVER seen Dave get out of bed! Breakfast was fun and VERY tasty! Then I spent my day cleaning the house TOP TO BOTTOM- Dave also helped a ton which was so great of him! Plus I made some cake balls since we were going to a party later.

At 5:30 we headed for dinner with a wonderful family that our family has known for a while but that Dave and I have just gotten to actually KNOW. It was honestly supposed to be a quick dinner because my boss had a party starting at 6:00! Well we had such a wonderful time and didn't want to end it that we didn't leave until 11:00 from their house. The time spent with them was much needed for my spirit. I've felt torn, broken, and just beat up lately about some things and God used them to help us feel that we were not alone in our struggles and what we are dealing with. Thank you Lord! You always know what I need at just the right time!

After we left their house we did swing by Rich's party where 'the stragglers' were gathered. We stayed for about an hour and really enjoyed ourselves while we were there. Once we got home we both crashed because it was such a full day!

Sunday morning we taught Sunday School at our church then headed to First Baptist to hear Adam preach! It was such a great message and EXACTLY what I needed to hear. That afternoon Dave had to work so I was left by myself for the day. I am convinced that Dave has done some sort of brain washing on me to make me obsessed with baseball! :) Fever Pitch was on TV so I watch that (and almost cried- weird!) then I watch The Benchwarmers right after too. It was great! Church was that night with an Ice Cream Social afterward- what beats HOME MADE ICE CREAM?!?!?! YUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!

Monday brought a NASTY headache that may have been from all that yummy ice cream. Woops! I was home all day yesterday without lights on and the TV down so low you could barely hear it. Thankfully the dogs were quiet- they must have been given a tranquilizer or something cause they normally play all day long. The headache began to subside so I planned the next two weeks of meals for us and then we watched the Home Run Derby. (I'm telling you.... brain washed!) All in all a fairly good weekend and beginning of the week.

Please keep us in your prayers for a few things though:
Dave needs to find a different job- they aren't giving him enough hours at the store
The truck's starter might be going bad- pray it isn't too much to fix!
I heard noises in the wall of the bathroom today- probably a mouse but I'm not sure- pray again that it's not too much to fix this problem!
Pray for Dave and I- we need some clarity and direction

Thank you and I pray that you all have a wonderful week. Let me know if I can pray for any of you this week also!


Erica said...

jenna i'm so glad that God allowed you to spend time with those friends and get from them exactly what you needed. He is so good. i so wish we lived closer so we can all spend time together. it would be so great!

and thanks for the encouraging words and prayers for our family friends. i know they appreciate it so much. you understand more then i am able.

hey if you need to "talk" about whatever is going on feel free to call, text, or message me on fb!

i love baseball btw and can't wait for sean to be old enough to play! dathan is going to coach as well!! we're getting sean a t-set for his bday

Lyryn said...

Homemade Ice cream?!?!?! Sounds great! I’m glad your weekend was pretty good… but sorry bout the head ache. I’ll be praying for ya!