Sunday, September 20, 2009

Barkeepers Friend Cleaner-Review

So I have a glass cook-top stove. It's really quite frustrating sometimes, but because I wanted a convection oven I had no choice but to take the glass cook-top along with it. You can't put ANY ceramic on it because it will scratch, you have to be careful what kind of cleaner you use, and stuff burns onto it- CONSTANTLY!

We've only had our stove since we moved in Feb/March of this year, but it has been used an INSANE amount of time due to my "Betty Crocker meets Martha Stewart meets Grandma's cooking" syndrome I've developed. My cook-top has been used more in the past 7 months more than I used my range stove in the 1 1/2 years we lived in the apartment! This thing was GROSS! It had burn marks all over the place that I couldn't get off with any amount of cleaner or elbow grease. I had resolved myself to the idea that my stove was just going to always look gross- it was really embarrassing actually.

That was before today... before Barkeepers Friend (which has become my new best friend!!!!) My Mom brought me some the other day at work and said she had used it for years to clean stuff and thought I might like to use it on my sink (which I've also had problems with.) Well let me tell you that my Mom is a GENIUS. With little effort this stuff took off every single burn mark that I thought would never come off my stove. I couldn't believe it, I kept yelling "Dave, this is incredible! The marks are gone!!!!" He thought I was nuts of course.

Anyway this is a fairly cheap cleaner that isn't abrasive but cleans like one. I used the basic cleaner, but from the looks of their site they have all kinds of cleaners. Hopefully I can find and try out a few others but for now I am ecstatic with my basic Friend. If you need a tough cleaner, I highly recommend this. It will clean metal/steel sinks to a beautiful shine, obviously is safe on glass top stoves, corian (my countertop material) and doesn't leave an icky film.


Tami Jo said...

I have never heard of it...where do you get it?

Inside Out said...

I have never heard of it either. My mom has one of those stoves and has some of the same problems you do/did...i'll have to come by and see a bottle of it and get her some! - Mel

Jenna said...

Mom found it at our local grocery store (IGA) cause Wal-Mart quit carrying it. I'm not sure where all you could find it, but if you do it's amazing! I think she only paid $2 for it!