Thursday, October 1, 2009

Should I play the lottery today?!?!?!

Today I found out that I have won 3 things!!!! Wahoo!

1. I FINALLY won in the Pace Hand-pick and Win sweepstakes so I'm getting a coupon for a FREE jar of Pace

2. Stephanie at Somewhat Simple (a great site) hosted a giveaway for Sweet Jane's butterfly bows and I WON!

3. After I found Sweet Jane's site I found out she was also doing a giveaway and I won an ADORABLE purple hat with a big purple and white flower. SO CUTE!!!! I wish it would fit me! :)

PLUS a few weeks ago I also won the "Fireproof Movie" from Amber at Journey of Grace

No wonder I'm thinking about the lottery huh?! (Kidding by the way- I do not gamble at all)


Erica said...

holy cow! you go girl!

Jenna said...

How crazy is that?!?!

Lyr said...

That's so awesome!!!