Friday, October 16, 2009

Daddy Day Care

So I PROMISE I'm going to share some of the stuff I've been up to, but all my pictures are at home and I'm at work of course!

My friend and neighbor is out of town for the weekend for a wedding and her husband is watching their 2 kids ALONE! He does this every Thursday anyway, but several DAYS alone is another story. Well yesterday on his Facebook he kept giving "Daddy Daycare Tips" and it apparently inspired him to write a blog of tips! How adorable huh?!

The Daddy Daycare Tips blog isn't just about how to wipe snotty noses and potty training, it is also going to be about being a Godly example to your kids and being the Godly husband a wife needs. I can personally attest that he is a WONDERFUL example for his family (who I adore to pieces!) So please go over and encourage him since he is just getting started.

Love ya'll!!!

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