Monday, October 19, 2009

Serenity Now

This is going to be a vague post and I apologize for that- but it HAS to be.

Just be aware- your enemy WILL COME! We are having a week of services at our church (many churches call them revival services) and last night a Pastor from our area gave a message entitled "Your Enemy Will Come" and BY GEORGE he was right!

God BROKE me last night about my spiritual walk, or lack there of. I'm becoming so religious and not moving forward with my relationship the way I should be. There is no consistency in my prayer and Bible study time and I've finally had enough of it. So this morning I got up early and had my prayer time with God. My day went surprisingly well... until tonight.

Tonight I got mad, and not just 'oh I'm mad bleh bleh bleh' I got MAD ya'll! Ticked off red-faced mad! I know I shouldn't have and I know that most of what I was feeling was in the flesh, but I didn't care. Honestly I STILL don't care because most of it is justified. Again- I can't go into detail and I apologize for my vagueness but please know that I just can't give details.

God is trying to do something in me and it's going to be a rough battle, because the enemy WILL come. When I face my enemy/situation/whatever I have to remember that this is PART of my walk and I just have to make sure that I not only face my enemy but KILL it before I'm done. David never had a problem with Goliath again because he had killed him, and not only that he cut off his head to show the victory God had given him!

Even though it's nasty and bloody and totally gross- I can not be afraid to kill my enemy, because he WILL COME.

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