Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lost and Found- Friend edition

I logged onto Facebook tonight after a LOOOOONG day. Woke up this morning and cleaned part of the house, then my sister and Dad came over for a few minutes since she was in town. A few other people dropped by had coffee and before I knew it my morning was GONE! I ran out to get measurement of the Kids Church room at church so I could make some curtains that I PROMISED would be finished today (which is why I was up so late in the first place.) After I got back home I got ready, went to a birthday party, then the whole family went to dinner and shopping with my Grandparents. Tons of family fun!

So back to the original story.... I logged onto Facebook (like I do every night before going to bed) and got a great surprise. A friend I haven't spoken to in about 4 years started a 'chat' with me! What?! Seriously?! At first I thought it was going to be a quick little "Hi what's new? Bye" kinda thing, but it wasn't and I was THRILLED!

This guy was my best friend at one point in my life, and when Dave and I started dating the friendship dwindled. Not that I wanted it to, but he had feelings for me and I think he was hurt. ANYWAY we haven't talked in about 4 years and it has caused me a lot of turmoil. Over the past few years I have told Dave COUNTLESS stories about Chuck and how much fun we had together. I tried calling him early on and seeing if he wanted to hang out but got no response. I commented on his blog and got no response, so finally I just gave up.

But tonight was different. Tonight was the "old Chuck and Jenna." I felt like I had my friend back and I loved it! Nothing huge was talked about, just catching up on life but it was so good to have him back. Even now I feel like some part of my life has been restored that I never realized I was so hurt about. How strange is that?! And right now- the total NON CRIER that I am has tears running down her cheeks because I'm so happy.

Chuck and I will probably never see each other face to face again since he lives in Hawaii now. We'll never have movie night. He won't teach me how to play video games again, or take me bowling, but I'm still happy. It took 4 stinkin years for us to come back to this point, but I'm glad I found my friend again.

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Tami Jo said...

Jenna...that is so cool! I am so glad that you have reconnected with him.