Monday, December 14, 2009

The Nativity

Dave and I had a fun weekend.  Since he is still working 3rd shift I had Saturday morning and afternoon to myself.  I spent the day making biscotti, homemade caramels, and a few Christmas gifts!  Since both our birthdays are in December, that night Dave and I went to one of our favorite restaurants 9th Street Grill.  It's like having gourmet food in the middle of hickville!  (We like it because it reminds us of the food we used to eat when we lived near Chicago.)

We headed home, jumped into our jammies, pulled out the hideaway from the couch, and had a movie night.  It's so fun cause I feel almost like a little kid when we do that and we love it.  Our neighbors lent us "The Nativity Story" and we were so impressed.  When the movie first came out a few years ago we didn't think much of it cause we thought it would be kind cheezy since unfortunately most Christian movies are.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Movies

This movie was great.  Dave and I really liked the way they portrayed the story.  It gives SO much more light to the idea of what Mary and Joseph went through when they found out they were to be the 'parents' of the Messiah.  Since the story is quite vague in the Scripture, not EVERYTHING in the movie is completely Biblical but it's definitley not straying from the probability of the situtation.

If you are looking for a GREAT Christmas movie to get you into the Spirit of Christmas or if you need a reminder of the sacrifice involved in Christ's life- even BEFORE he was born rent The Nativity Story or just buy it because you'll love it.  Merry Christmas!!!

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