Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Percolating Projects

Ever wonder what it would be like if you moved to a new home and met a neighbor that happened to become one of your best friends? 

Well you would basically live at each other's house, watch each other's dogs while they are out of town, babysit on a moment's notice, come up with a routine of TV to watch together, have meals almost once a week at each other's houses, and have pancakes or waffles together AT LEAST one Saturday a month.  Then on top of all that you would find in each other the creative drive you have been searching for!  You would encourage her desire to cook and she would encourage your desire to craft which leads you to clean out your garage and turn it into a work area for crafts (including a table saw, circular saw, TONS of sandpaper, PLENTY of Mod Podge, a Cricut, and a sewing machine.)

That's never happended to you????  What?!?!?!  Wow- guess I'm pretty blessed then cause this is what has happened to me over the last 10 months.  Moving into our 1st home was a little scary cause it means I'm really growing up.  On our street we already had some great friends from church that we knew so we were excited for the move.  Then once we met our next door neighbors The Heralds we were even more excited!  Two great sets of friends on the SAME STREET AS US!!!!

Tanya and I have now started our own cooperative blog "Percolating Projects" where we will be posting tutorials on recipes, crafts, and whatever we brew up in our little heads!  Come on over and see what today's flavor is!


Tanya said...

Shoot girl, you know you're my favorite flavor. Vanilla Latte! Ha!

Jenna said...

Girl you know I got some mocha in me! ;)

Erica said...

i love your new blog, what a fun idea!

and actually, when d&i were first married a couple moved into the apartment next door to us that we literally became best friends with the moment we met them. we had dinner together probably 2 times a week, saturday breakfast at least once a month, we would watch csi & american idol every week at their house, they would do a game night at our house every week, we had keys to each other's apartments, etc. i SO fondly look back at those days and think about how blessed we really were!

Jenna said...

Erica-That is SO awesome! I love how God does that kind of stuff!!!!

Jennie said...

Oh, stop it! I'm SO jealous!!! That sounds divine, having a best friend right next door! I'm seething with jealousy over here. In the country. All by myself. *turning green*