Friday, July 24, 2009

Need recipes?

Thanks to Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker- I have a PLETHERA of new recipes from fellow bloggers! She writes a "Thursday 13" where she lists 13 things, ideas, memories, or whatever topic she chooses. This week she wrote about 13 blogs she visits frequently and I am overjoyed that she did. I've stolen several of them and added them onto my 'Blogs with Recipes' list. There are some amazing recipes I just can't wait to try! Let me know if you try any fun new recipes cause I will be sharing several new ones in the next few days.

Check these out:
Bake at 350 - She has an incredible talent for decoarting cookies and cakes and give instructions on how to replicate her designs!
Bread Blog - dedicated to breads, pastries, scones, biscuits, basically anything with yeast :)
Gather Round Our Table - a simple blog giving some good recipes
The Secret Recipe Blog - gives recipes that replicate the 'well known' restaurant ones
Taste Buds - another simple recipe blog
AAAAAAAAAAND (drum roll sound please.....)
Mennonite Girls Can Cook - OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I'm so excited about this one I could cry! I LOVE me some Amish food and this blog is SPECTACULAR! Ladies, if you ever need comfort food then this blog is for you!

Have fun cooking, baking, and trying new things!


Lyryn said...

thanks for the info! This is so great!

Lyryn said...

Oh yea... left you something on my blog!!