Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Making friends- and maybe an enemy or two!

I feel quite special today- a friend gave me a "Blog Award" and it's my first! So exciting!!! Here it is- the "Honest Scrap Award"

Lyryn thank you so much! I enjoy reading your blog so much and I appreciate your honesty and transparency about your life and what God is doing in and through you. It's an inspiration and I pray that in some small way, God allows me to be the same for you.

So here goes the 'rules' of the award- In order to accept I must post 10 things you might not know about me AND award 4 others. So I'm sending this award to 4 fellow bloggers because of their amazing testimonies, true hearts, and partly because I want to see their 10 answers about themselves! :) Truly selfish aren't I?!

Here goes:

1. It took me 20 minutes to compose this post because I was cornered in my office by a wasp I was scared to death of. (One of the ONLY things I am scared of!)

2. God has blessed me as a worship leader. I love singing. BUT when I was younger I couldn't carry a tune! My Mom even told me that she and Jesus loved to hear me sing, but that I shouldn't sing for anyone else. (She was trying to be nice!) :)

3. I LOVE my feet. It's one of the only physical aspects of myself that I have never criticized. They don't get fatter even when I eat too much ice cream, they don't break out when I PMS, and they don't turn red when I cry. I love them!

4. I've had a lot of tragedy in my life- but I wouldn't trade it for anything cause I've learned so much.

5. My husband is NOTHING like I imagined he would be- I love when God puts something better into our lives!

6. I've had gray hair since I was 15 so I have to dye my hair regularly to keep it looking nice.

7. My memory is TERRIBLE. I come across as ultra organized, and I am to a point- but I also come off as a ditz due to my horrific memory.

8. When I was 4 my dream in life was to work at McDonalds because my Mom told me once that my Dad worked there in college. (Still NEVER worked there or any fast food place, and I pray I never do!)

9. I ABHOR swimming. It's nice sitting out by the pool or going to a water park for a bit, but to just SWIM... NO WAY! The thought of having to change into an entirely different outfit (with no 'support' by the way) just to get in a giant bathtub with who knows how many germs swimming around with nothing to do but float around only to have to change out of that outfit, shower, dry off and get back into my original outfit- it's just too much work!

10. Lastly- I love trying out accents. Sometimes I speak in a southern drawl or a Pakistani accent just cause it's fun. My all time favorite though- I can do a PERFECT Asian woman. I used to call my Mom at work just to fool her with it!

Hopefully these ladies will be posting their answers soon- so check them out! And if they don't, just hound them until they do!

Tami Jo- The "Scheich" Family (One of my best friends)

Tanya- The Heralds (Another one of my best friends- who happens to be my neighbor!)

Amber- Humble Reflections (I love reading her thoughts about what God is teaching her)

Erica- Team Stephens Wins (Another wonderful friend that I adore)

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Lyr said...

You are more than welcome! Love reading your blog! Oh my word… I like my feet too, not sure why but I just love them and I have a cute little fish tattoo on my foot that makes it all the more better. Nice to know I’m not the only one!! ;)